Monthly Overview of Violations in Target Areas (November 2021)

December 2, 2021


Across the month of November, the human rights situation continued to worsen. Mounting evidence of the military junta’s war crimes, and crimes against humanity are evident across the country. In HURFOM areas of Mon State, Karen State and Tanintharyi region, more civilians are being forcibly displaced from their homes due to a growing presence of soldiers. [Download Report in PDF]

Military checkpoints have made travel nearly impossible. Residents are regularly being extorted for their possessions and money. The ‘stop and frisk’ tactics being deployed are yet another area of the junta unlawfully attempting to control the population. People who spoke to HURFOM said that based on their experiences traveling, they advised others to stay home for their own safety and well-being.

Hostage taking of family members is on the rise. HURFOM documented several cases of relatives being abducted by the regime in early morning hours and late at night. Students, particularly from Dawei, are also being targeted for their roles in organizing anti-military campaigns. Family members have lost contact with those taken away, and are unsure of their location and condition.

The military junta is acting far outside the bounds of humanity. The lawlessness and cruelty which targets innocent civilians must be met with concrete actions and accountability from the international community.


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