A Number of Government School Mon language Teachers Have not Received their Salaries

November 28, 2014

A number of government school Mon language teachers are not being paid their salary. According to an education executive’s statement, “[Mon language teachers in] some areas have received salaries from the Ministry of Education, while some [teachers in other] areas have not.”

According to a statement from the press service of the upper primary school in Kaw Htaw (Panga, Thanbyuzayat Township), “the news agency falsely stated that the government supports [Mon] teachers’ monthly salary. It has been a long time since the education executive has supported Kaw Htaw village [‘s Mon language teachers]. The education executive supported each Mon language teacher’s 30,000 kyat monthly salary during the four months since the school opened.”

The Kaw Htaw education executive group worries that other schools will be misinformed about the Kaw Htaw school because the government falsely reported that the government supports Mon teachers’ monthly salary; the Kaw Htaw education group has reported the issue to the Guiding Star Newspaper Groups, states the Kaw Htaw education executive.

“I didn’t know which ministry supported the salary [for Mon teachers at the Kaw Htaw school],” says Kaw Htaw upper primary school Mon language teacher Mi San Oo, “I just knew that our school headmaster gave out the salary, so which ministry [provided] it, I don’t know.”

There are Mon language teachers still waiting for their salaries at Wai Kali high school and Pagha upper primary school. The Wai Kali public service has stated that its high school did not receive any funding from the Ministry of Education for Mon teachers.

According to Waekalee villager (Thanbyuzayat) Nai Tun, “since we got the right to teach Mon language at government schools, we tried and looked for Mon teachers who can teach Mon language, but we have no funds to support their salaries. We do not dare to collect money from the students’ parents.”

The central government’s Ministry of Education has legally agreed to support the 30,000 kyat monthly salaries for ethnic language teachers at government schools for the 2014-2015 school year.

“In government schools teaching Mon language, the headmaster must report to the education headmaster, via the township education board, who will then report to No. 1 Department of Basic Education, and they will give them the money for the salaries. It is my suggestion for every school to report to the ministry that they are concerned,” said Dr. Aung Naing Oo, a Mon State Member of Parliament.


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