New Conflicts in Mon Areas Signal Instability in 2010

February 5, 2010

Recently, after a conflict between the troops of the Burmese Army (BA) and a Mon splinter group in the southern part of Ye and Yebyu Townships, many newly displaced individuals have had to flee from their homes.  At the same time, the Mon villagers still in the region are restricted in their movements and blocked inside their homes.

Some countries, including a number of ASEAN countries, believe that such problems will be solved after the 2010 elections.  However the ruling regime, the SPDC , has not yet announced any laws about the elections and the formation of political parties for the 2010 elections.  Nobody knows when the 2010 elections will be.

Actually, if the 2010 election plans are not free or fair, and are manipulated, new conflicts in both the democratic movement and ethnic armed groups could occur.  Currently, the regime has no intention of allowing any other political parties like the NLD to participate in elections. If there is no participation by wider pro-democracy political parties, those political parties will be continuously stuck in non-violent political campaigns against this regime, and against a new military-dominated government after the elections.

At the same time, the ethnic nationalities, who have demanded the right of self-determination in their own ethnic regions, and the formation of a federal union of Burma, are not satisfied with the SPDC’s 2008 constitution. This militarized constitution does not solve 6 decades of armed conflicts; instead, new conflicts will occur.

Even though HURFOM would not like to expect such a thing, there will be increased conflicts in Mon areas, and the Mon people will live in dangerous situations, in the upcoming year.


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