Junta’s air and artillery assaults force more than 1,000 “Pyar Taung” residents to flee homes

July 9, 2024

HURFOM: Since the last week of June, 2024, the military junta has launched air and artillery assaults targeting the “Pyar Taung ” area of Kyikemayaw Township, Mon State forcing more than 1,000 residents to flee their homes.

On June 26th, the joint resistance forces used drones equipped with bombs to attack a military regiment stationed at “Sa Bell Gu ” monastery. In response, the 208th light infantry battalion launched six air assaults on villages in the “Pyar Taung” area.

More than 1,000 residents from Kaw Done, Kaw Pa Naw, Kaw One, Well Ngae, Kwan Ngan, Mell Ta Yoe and Ka Don Si villages were forced to flee home.

The Kaw Pa Naw old monastery has accommodated about 200 displaced villagers at the moment. Today (July 5), the junta’s regiment at “Sa Bell Gu” Bridge launched four artillery attacks. But there was no damage to villagers or houses,” said a “Pyar Taung” resident.

The displaced villagers have temporarily taken shelter in Mawlamyine, Kyikemayaw or nearby monasteries or plantations.

There are check-points of the DKBA and the PDF nearby the cement factory but the junta didn’t attack those places. They’ve intentionally launched artillery attacks on the residential villages,” said a Kaw Don resident.


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