Junta’s military operation forces ten thousand of residents to flee home in Yebyu

July 9, 2024

HURFOM: On June 18th, 2024, a regiment of about 200 troops launched military operations in villages in Yebyu Township, Tenasserim Division forcing more than 10,000 residents to flee their homes.

The junta has military operations in Zar D, Khaung Pyan, Dike Ta Kor, Kyauk Hta Yan, Khway Ma Phaw, Kha Yin Chaung, Pa Ya villages in Yebyu area and A Ka Ni, Kha Maung Chaung, Lell Shaung, Ba War, Para Dat, Htein Gyi and Ya Line villages in Na Bu Lell area.

In Zar D, Khaung Pyan, Khway Ma Phaw, Kha Yin Chaung and Kyauk Hta Yan entire villages have run away. Half of Pa Ya had to flee. In the remaining villages, residents return only when the military leaves, but flee again when the regiment re-enters the village,” said a resident from Zar D village track.

Displaced persons from 14 villages have taken shelter in Dawei City, nearby plantations, forests, hills,mountains and monasteries in the Kan Bauk area. Many are stuck in the villages.

As it’s the rainy season, we have trouble with food and health care. We could return home in the daytime before but now, we dare not go back home at all,” said a resident.

Junta forces burnt down and destroyed two houses in Zar D village and arrested eight villagers.


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