One man killed and ten men arrested in Maung Mell Shaung

June 18, 2024

HURFOM: On June 14th, 2024, the military junta battled with the local resistant forces near Maung Mell Shaung village, Dawei Township, Tenasserim Division. 

According to local sources, more than 100 troops were involved in a battle with the People’s Defense Force. After the fighting ceased, the local villagers found a 73-year-old man was killed in his house and ten other men were arrested by the junta’s troops.

They came to the village by “Vigo” cars. There were more than 100 troops. I don’t know if the man was hit by the artillery attack or was shot and killed. Half of his face was totally destroyed. Another ten men were also arrested,” said a Maung Mell Shaung resident.

The local villagers reported to HURFOM that the troops stationed themselves in the village on June 15.

From June 1st to the 3rd, junta troops broke into more than 100 houses and looted residents’ valuables.


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