Five villages flee from junta’s artillery attack in Bilin

May 17, 2024

HURFOM: Since May 6th, 2024, the military junta has been launching indiscriminate artillery attacks on villages in Bilin Township, Mon State, forcing more than 2,000 residents from five villages to flee their homes.

The 314th Bilin based artillery regiment launched artillery attacks on the villages of Shwe Yaung Pya, Kha Loud Inn, Ma Yan Gone, Mi Gyaung Eye and Ah Won Gyi which are under the control of the Karen National Union.  Villagers had to hide in nearby forests, mountains and plantations.

As the rainy season is about to begin, they need rain shelter and items. If they have to flee for a long time, their livelihood will be in jeopardy,” said a man who helps displaced villagers.

Since May 11th when resistance forces destroyed the Kyone Ate Bridge, the 314th artillery regiment has been launching indiscriminate artillery attacks both day and night.

These attacks have already killed two villagers, injured four and destroyed more than ten houses.


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