Two local men arrested and other two injured during a battle in Dawei

May 16, 2024

HURFOM: On May 13th, 2024, the resistance forces launched an attack on the “Eain Shay Pyin” military check-point in Dawei City, Tenasserim Division.

A battle between the two sides followed, and the junta arrested two local men and launched an artillery attack on the village injuring two villagers and damaging two houses.

Most of the houses located near the gate were damaged. One of the two arrested villagers was released in the evening. Another one remains under arrest. His face was covered with a hood and his hands were tied at his back,” said an Eain Shay Pyin villager.

After the battle, the military junta raided Eain Shay Pyin village, torturing villagers and searched houses.

There was an artillery attack for nearly an hour. They also closed the check-point for four hours. They’ve tightened the security after the battle,” said a motorist.

Since early 2024, there has been military tension in Tenasserim Division and the military junta has constantly been blocking the entrance and exit of the towns, tightening security, searching houses and arresting local villagers.


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