Man injured by indiscriminate attack of artillery regiment

May 14, 2024

HURFOM: On May 11th, 2024, a local man from Kone Paw Yaw Thit village, Ye Township, Mon State was injured by the indiscriminate artillery attack of the 317th Artillery Regiment while he was working at his plantation.

Now, it is harvesting season and everyone is on the plantation. But we aren’t safe there. The artillery regiment launched an artillery attack and a man sustained an injury to his shoulder,” said a durian plantation owner from Kone Paw Yaw Thit village.

55-year-old Ko San Tun was admitted to the Lamine Hospital with the help of the local rescue team.

It’s lucky that he is not dead. Here, we’re familiar with artillery attacks. The junta launches artillery attacks every day. We don’t know their target but every artillery shell had dropped and exploded at the villagers’ plantation,” said a local villager.

Both the 106th Light Infantry Battalion and the 317th Artillery Regiment are based near Maw Ka Nin and Kone Paw Yaw Thit villages, and both Mon and Karen resistance groups are also active in the area.


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