Unknown armed group kills a medic and burnt down house in Three Pagoda Pass

May 14, 2024

HURFOM: On May 9th, 2024, an unknown armed group killed a medic from Three Pagoda Pass Town, Karen State and burnt down his house, locals reported HURFOM.

Six members from unknown armed groups reached the house of the 60-year-old medic in Ward #3, Three Pagoda Pass using two motorbikes. They shot and killed the man at his house and then burnt down the house.

At about 10 pm, we heard the sound of a motorbike stopping at his house. Then, we heard the sound of gunfire. The house was burnt down the next morning,” said a resident.

The victim has just moved to Three Pagoda Pass very recently and as of today, no one knows which armed group is responsible for the killing.

At the moment, the KNU, PDF and DKBA are active in the downtown area of Three Pagoda Pass. The military dare not come outside their base,” said another resident.

In February, 2024, a man from Ward #3 of Three Pagoda Pass was shot and killed by an unknown armed group and the group buried his body in a nearby rubber plantation, according to the local sources.


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