Two children injured by junta’s air assault in Kyikemayaw

April 11, 2024

On April 8th, 2024, a military junta launched air assaults on Dhammasa, Ta Ra Nar and Kyune Gone villages, in Kyikemayaw Township, Mon State. 

As a result, two children from Kyune Gone village, 7-year-old Maung Toe Tet Oo and 16-year-old Ma Phu Phu Zaw Won were injured. Ma Phu Phu Zaw Won’s is in critical condition and she has been sent to the Mawlamyine General Hospital for further treatment, according to sources close to her family.

Houses are also destroyed. But we do not know the extent of damage. There is an armed clash in Ta Ra Nar today. Smoke is coming from Dhammasa village also,” said a Ta Ra Nar resident.

The military junta has been targeting Dhammasa and nearby villages, with air assaults and artillery attacks. The attacks have burnt down and destroyed approximately 400 houses and forced more than 6,000 residents to flee.

The junta dropped bombs in the evening yesterday. Only middle-aged men remain to guard their houses in Ta Ra Nar village. The elderly women and children have already fled once the junta launched their military operation,” said a resident.


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