Administrators extort money from 18-year-olds seeking to avoid compulsory military service.

April 8, 2024

HURFOM: In Chaung Zone Township, Mon State, junta-appointed Administrators are extorting 8,000 MMK from every young man who has turned 18 years old. Administrators claim the money is to hire substitutes for those not want to submit to compulsory military service.

The Administrator said we must pay 1.5 million MMK every month to support substitutes for compulsory military service. First, they collected money from each household and now, every young man who has already turned 18 years old has to pay more money,” said a resident from Ka Log village, Chaung Zone Township.

The military junta began the process of compulsory military service in six townships in Mon State. To date, Chaung Zone Township has selected the most candidates.

I don’t know what happens in other townships. Two villagers from each village in the Chaung Zone have been selected. Chaung Zone has many villages, so there are many candidates,” said a local source.

The junta said the compulsory military service procedure would start only after the Songkran Festival, but the first batch of conscripts had already started their training at the No #4 Military Advanced Training School in Thanbyuzayat Township.


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