Junta’s reckless attacks burn down nearly 300 houses in Dhammasa village

March 30, 2024

HURFOM: At about 4 pm on March 27th, 2024, the military junta’s aircrafts were dropping bombs into Dhammasa village, Kyikemayaw Township, Mon State, and two navy ships also launched artillery attacks on the village. The aerial and navy attacks burnt down nearly 300 houses out of 350 houses in the village.

We’ve fled to Mawlamyine and we’re safe here but our house in the village was burnt down. We have no home to return but we can do nothing,” said a displaced person from Dhammasa village.

Fire brigades from Mawlamyine and nearby townships tried to come to Dhammasa village to stop the fire but the military junta blocked all of them at Ta Ra Nar village, Kyikemayaw Township, according to local sources.

The entire village is burnt down. There is no fire brigade. Fire brigades in the village can’t defeat the fire. The wind is blowing a lot. Nearby fire brigades tried to help us but the Burmese soldiers blocked them and didn’t allow them to come here. They’re really cruel. The fire started at 4 pm and it couldn’t be controlled even at 7 pm. The villagers who tried to stop the fire have given up. There is no word to describe our suffering,” said a young man from Dhammasa village.

There has been an intense battle in Kaw Bane village, Kaw Ka Rate Township, Karen State as the joint revolutionary forces attacked and took control of the Kaw Bane Police Station.  In response, the military junta recklessly launched aerial and navy attacks that have burnt nearly all the homes in the village.


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