March 27, 2024

Thousands of Kaw Bane residents flee due to growing military tension

HRUFOM: On March 25th, 2024, the joint revolutionary forces attacked and took control of the police station in Kaw Bane village, Kaw Ka Rate Township, Karen State.

The military junta had reinforced their troops to fight against the revolutionary forces and the local villagers reported HURFOM about 100 troops had entered Ta Ra Nar village, Kyikemayaw Township, Mon State and stationed themselves at the village.

The revolutionary forces are at the entrance of Dhammasa village and the military junta has reinforced their troops at Ta Ra Nar village. There are about 100 Burmese troops in Ta Ra Nar village and if they invade Kaw Bane village, there will be a huge battle in the village. Villagers have already fled,” said a Kaw Bane villager.

The Burmese troops stationed themselves at monasteries and in Mon national schools. Villagers think the military junta will launch both artillery attacks and air assaults if the battle breaks out.

The villagers started running away from the moment the police station was attacked. Some of them came back to their homes after the revolutionary forces took control of the station. But they fled again when the military junta reinforced their troops at Ta Ra Nar village. There will be a heavy battle,” said a local villager.

After the revolutionary forces took control of the Kaw Bane Police Station, the military junta responded with air assaults and its Navy Command launched artillery attacks on Kaw Bane and nearby villages causing civilian casualties, injuries and damage to houses.


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