Nearly entire Kaw Bane village flees armed clash:  At least 1 civilians’ casualty and 2 injuries reported

March 26, 2024

HURFOM: On March 24th, 2024, the joint revolutionary forces attacked the Kaw Bane Police Station in Karen State and a heavy battle ensued.

The junta responded with artillery attacks and air assaults, killing and injuring local villagers.

The air assaults damaged the roofs of houses. There have been at least three casualties or injuries but we can’t confirm the exact number as we can’t go outside,” said one resident.

Two Kaw Bane villagers and one Kaw Pauk villager were injured by the air assaults and one of them is dead. As the battle became intense, nearly the entire village fled from their homes.

The military didn’t allow us to leave on the day when the battle started. The soldiers blocked the ways. They only allowed us to move out on March 25th and by then nearly the entire village ran away. Only a few remained to guard the houses left in the village,” said a woman from Kaw Bane village.

The displaced villagers are taking shelter in relatives’ houses, nearby monasteries and in the forest and mountains.

At 3 pm on March 25th, 20 soldiers in the Kaw Bane Police Station raised a “white flag” and surrendered to the joint revolutionary forces who have now taken control of the station.


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