3 seventh grade students in Thanbyuzayat raped by astrologer

February 17, 2020

HURFOM: According to the Mon State Police Force, 3 school girls (ages 12 to 13)  in Thanbyuzayat were raped by a 28-year old male living near Young Daung village, Mudon Township, Mon state.

The perpetrator goes by the name Thiha Aung (aka) Thiha and claims to be an astrologer who was dating a woman from Thanbyuzayat.  He suggested his girlfriend bring a girl every Saturday to him, in order to improve her luck as she was cursed.

The woman was persuaded and brought her niece, 12 years old, to the Mahar Nandar guest house in Mudon on the 21st  December 2019 where the young girl was sexually assaulted by the astrologer. 

A second sexual assault took place in Myat Mi Khine guest house located on Bo Nay Win St, in Waetun Chaung village, Thanbyuzayat Town on the 28th of December 2020.

The woman also seduced her niece’s friends to meet with her boyfriend. On 4 January 2020, two young girls aged 12 and 13 were also raped by Thiha again in Myat Mi Khine guest house.

The woman attempted to convince a fourth victim but this young girl spoke out to her parents. 

The parents reported the case to Thanbyuzayat’ police office on 30 January 2020. Thiha Aung (aka) Thiha and his girlfriend have been arrested and charged under sections #376, 363 and 114 of the Criminal Act, according to the Mon State police office

The girls have returned to school again now. The two culprits will be in court on the 14th of  February, added a police officer.

There were 90 cases of sexual assault in 2019, 72 of which were child rape cases, according to the Mon State Police.


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