Abducted for Forced Marriage: Family fights for return of daughter after being abducted by ex-administrator’s son two weeks ago

August 24, 2018

WCRP: On August 6th, a 33-year-old woman was abducted by her ex-boyfriend in Karot Pi village, Thanbyuzayat Township, Mon State. She has been missing for two weeks.

On the day she was abducted, the teacher went to the Education Office in Thanbyuzayat to apply for a job teaching middle school, and once she left the office premises, she saw her ex-boyfriend Mg Khin Maung Htwe, who was waiting outside the office for her in a white truck.

Her 16-year-old nephew Mg Kyaw Htet Zin, said, “The two of them quarreled and the perpetrator Mg Khin Maung Htwe pulled a knife on my aunty and left in his truck.”

The victim’s aunt, Daw San Aye, explained, “My son told me that, while my son and the victim were driving a motorbike to go back home, the perpetrator followed them with his friends and they forcibly dragged the teacher into their truck, taking her.” 

On the night of August 6th, an aunt of the victim reported the case to the police station in Karot Pi and the Thanbyuzayat police station.

If they are good people, they will tell the girl’s family or relatives the next day. After four days, the perpetrator’s family let someone come to us and asked us about what we wanted for our niece [i.e., do they want money or marriage for them not to call the police]. For us, we only want to talk to our niece and would like to know about her decision. I will accept her decision. Then another person visited our house again and said that teacher and the perpetrator had signed a marriage certificate in court and they would like the victim’s family to close the case that the victim’s family have opened against the perpetrator at the police station,” said the victim’s aunt.

Daw San Aye replied, “we would like to meet with our niece first. Then we will agree with her decision. We will not decide if we do not meet with our niece. If she agreed we have nothing to say. We will accept them to get married.”

On the evening of August 10th, the victim’s mother and Daw San Aye went to the court and administration office in Ye Township and asked about the marriage certificate of the teacher and perpetrator, but the court said that they had not  signed it yet. 

Daw San Aye said, “On day five, the perpetrator’s father went to the victim’s house and said if the victim’s family ended the [police] case they bring back the teacher. I think he may know where their son took my niece.”

The victim’s parents, her aunty, and the teachers from the school are worried for the victim as she has not been answering their phone calls, even though they have rung her phone many times.

The perpetrator is the previous Karot Pi village administrator’s son. His father is a powerful man in the village and the villagers are afraid him. He is friends of the police as well.

The victim’s family requested help from a police officer from Thanbyuzayat Town to find the victim, and the police officer told them that he needs to review the case from both sides, as the information from both sides is very different and they have not found a victim yet. 

As for the lack of activity from the police, on August 13th, the victim’s family reported the case to Mon State Minister Dr. Aye San and the house speaker Daw Tin Ei and they replied that they would help as soon as possible.

The victim’s aunt explained, “Once we reported to a Mon State minister, we saw that many police seemed to be actively working on the case. The minister told us that they would find and bring the teacher home this week, and we are waiting for the teacher to come home.  If the victim does not come  home on August 14th we [the victim’s family] will meet with a minister from Mon State again.

The victim, Daw Aye Mi San, teaches Kindergarten students in primary school in Winpatoke village, Thanbyuzayat Township, Mon State.









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