850 Dengue Fever Cases and 3 Deaths in Mon State Since Start of Rainy Season

July 23, 2018

WCRP: In 2018, ten townships in Mon State have reported 850 cases of dengue fever during the rainy season so far, and three children have died of the illness, according to the Mon State Public Health Department.

The three children who died of dengue fever are a nine-year-old from Thanbyuzayat Township, an eight-month-old from Paung Township, and a 16-year-old from Thaton Township.

The number of dengue cases has rather declined this year. By this time last year, we had had more than 10,000 dengue patients. But only one patient died of the illness last year. We have had three deaths this year. The mortality rate has increased this year,” said Dr. Sithu Ye Naung, the Deputy Director of the Mon State Public Health Department.

Among the ten townships, Mawlamyine and Ye have had the highest numbers of dengue cases. Most of the sufferers have been children between five and nine years old. From January to July of 2017, there were 10,073 dengue cases and one child died of the illness. By June of that year, over 500 cases of children with dengue had been reported. There were also high numbers of dengue cases and deaths in 2011, 2013, and 2015.

Not only children but also adults have suffered from dengue. About ten patients are being admitted to Mawlamyine General Hospital every day,” said Dr. Sithu Ye Naung.

There are dengue fever outbreaks about every two or three years in Mon State. Normally, Mon State detects dengue fever earlier than other states and divisions in Burma. Governmental departments, community-based organizations, the Public Health Department, and the people all have a responsibility to control dengue fever, according to a statement by the National Malaria Control Center in Naypyidaw.

School-aged children have a high risk of dengue. Children between five and nine years old have the highest rate of dengue fever, and those between one and four years have the second-highest rate. So primary schools are our first priority when we use insecticides to kill mosquito larvae,” said the doctor.

After cooperating with Township Public Health Departments and Township General Hospitals, the Public Health Department has made a list of all dengue patients who have been admitted to the local hospitals.



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