62-year-old woman raped by her neighbour in Kyaikmayaw Township

June 26, 2017

HURFOM: On June 17th 2017, Daw T—, a 62-year-old woman from Kyune Kone village, Tarana village tract, Kyaikmayaw Township, Mon State, was raped and strangled by U N—, her 45-year-old neighbour. Daw T— survived the incident and the perpetrator was arrested and charged by the Kyaikmayaw Township Police the following day.

The perpetrator was known to Daw T—, as the two were friends who often drank alcohol together. At 10 pm on June 17th, U N— visited Daw T—’s house and asked her if she would like to have a drink. Daw T— denied his request but the two engaged in a short conversation.

We talked for about 15 minutes. After that he went back saying that there would be a misunderstanding if the neighbors saw us together late at night. I went to bed as soon as he left my house. But he didn’t return home and he came into my bed,” said Daw T—.

According to Daw T—, U N— pushed her down while strangling her and raped her in her bed for approximately 30 minutes.

“He came into my bed and said not to shout for help. He squeezed my neck, punched my waist, and raped me. I was feeling weak and nearly fainted. I think he left me as he thought I was dead. I don’t know when he left my house,” said Daw T—-.

After regaining full consciousness, Daw T— asked her neighbors to call her son and daughter-in-law.

My husband is aphasic [unable to speak] so the neighbors had to call me. My mother[-in-law] explained everything to me. That same night, we tried to report [the incident] to three different 100-household chiefs. But no one got up [heard] as it was raining [loudly] outside. So we decided to file a report the next morning and went back home,” said Mi C—, the daughter-in-law of Daw T—.

Daw T— is currently on bed rest recovering from her assault.

At 6 am on June 18th 2017, Mi C— and her younger sister reported the rape to the Kyun Kone village administrator, who reported the incident to the Tarana village tract administrator. A law suit against U N— was filed at the Kyaikmayaw Police Station at about 2 pm, according to the Tarana village tract administrator, Daw Than Htay. The daughter-in-law also brought the clothes and skirt of Daw T— as evidence of the attack and gave them to the Kyaikmayaw Police.

After checking the evidence and receiving Daw T—’s medical report from Mawlamyine General Hospital, the Kyaikmayaw Police arrested U N— and charged him with Penal Code #376, punishment for rape.

The first legal proceeding in the Kyaikmayaw Township Court is scheduled for June 26th 2017, according to Mi C—. Daw T—’s family have been receiving legal support and advice from a lawyer, as well as support and security against perpetrator reprisal from the Jeepyah Civil Society Development Organization (JCSDO).


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