Attempted rape of a 9-year-old girl in Thanbyuzayat Township

January 17, 2017

WCRP: On November 3, 2016, an 18-year-old man attempted to rape a 9-year-old school girl in A— village, Thanbyuzayat Township, Mon State.

According to the girl’s grandfather who was witness to the event, 18-year-old Mg Seik Chan from A— village attempted to rape her at around 5 am in her home. The girl’s grandfather, [upon hearing the noise], rapidly woke up and saw him with the girl. He thought that a thief had come and was stealing something in their house. When he came to look, the perpetrator was running away.

At first, we thought that we would not report about this to the [village] administrator. We didn’t even want other people know about us. [After the incident], our granddaughter was looking unhappy and was quiet, but the perpetrator was looking very happy and singing songs [in the village]. We feel they [the perpetrator and his family] don’t care about us. If they apologized to us early on, we would have felt fine and may have forgiven them. We never thought that he would do this to my granddaughter because his parents were working in our rubber plantation and he always visits our house,” said the grandfather.

After the incident, the girl did not go to school for 3 days. She is studying at elementary school in A— village. Her teacher told her that, if someone at the school jokes or talks to her about the incident, to just report it.

The grandfather U B— added that, “The administrator [village head] has negotiated the case between the victim’s family and the perpetrator; both sides agreed to 1,000,000 kyat compensation. The perpetrator gave 750,000 kyat to the victim and said that he would pay the remaining money later, but the rest of the money did not arrive.

According to militia leader U Pin [from an unknown Border Guard Force (BGF) battalion stationed in the village], he advised the victim’s family [upon hearing of the incident] that if they agreed to compensation this time, the perpetrator may commit it [a similar crime] again later. After, the victim’s aunt reported the case to the Thanbyuzayat Police Station and the police charged the perpetrator under Article #376 (concerning rape) of the Burma Penal Code.

According to the medical report after the girl was examined on November 6 at the Thanbyuzayat Hospital, the girl was not raped [penetrated] and the police have not yet requested further information from the family about the case yet.


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