The Impact of drug use in Thanbyuzayat

April 25, 2016

On April 24, a 9-year-old girl named Mi Mercury was taken by an unidentified 30-year-old man while she was attending Mon summer school in Thanbyuzayat, Mon State.

At5dbded62-890d-4e9f-8c09-cd69f4b2b66a 11am the unidentified man took the young girl to buy ice, which would be served in the school. The ice collection took 5 hours, which normally would take no more than 1 hour.

The young girl was returned at 3pm. When she arrived at home, the family found that she had lost one of her earrings; her clothing was dirty; and her face had turned darker. It looked as if she has been coerced into something. When people asked the girl whatthe mandid to her, she said he did not do anything.

It is said that he had taken the girl to theEastern part of Thanbyuzayat. He took one of her earrings and kept her in a place while he went out to buy drugs. Mi Mercury said he did not harm or hurt her but people assumed and suspected that he had done something.

Currently, Thanbyuzayatpolice are still investigating the case.


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