Pregnant woman killed by artillery explosion in Thaton

December 22, 2023

HURFOM: On December 19th, 2023, even though there were no armed clashes in the area, the military junta intentionally targeted Kyone Main village, Kaw Hline village tract, located in Thaton Township, Mon State.

The military launched at least 20 artillery attacks which killed a pregnant woman. Naw Phaw Ta Maw, 26-year-old was hit by shrapnel and died on the spot.

We’d heard that someone was injured by the artillery attacks at about midnight and went to check. The victim was the daughter of U Saw, from the eastern village. She was hit with shrapnel in her leg and thigh. She died of excessive bleeding. She was two-months pregnant,” said a Kyone Main resident.

Naw Phaw Ta Maw’s family members are rubber plantation workers.  She left a two-and-half-year child and her husband.

Artillery explosions occur almost daily in Kyone Main village.   HURFOM was informed by residents that either the 24th Light Infantry Battalion based in Thaton, or the 204th Artillery Regiment launched the attack.

On March 8th, 2023, junta artillery attacks killed two five-year-old children and injured another two villagers in Kyone Main village.

Kyone Main village is under the control of the 1st Brigade of the Karen National Liberation Army (KNLA), and the Thaton District Karen National Union (KNU), and is inhabited by more than 1,000 Karen people.


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