More than 1,000 Kyikemayaw residents flee armed clash in Chaung Hna Kwa

November 16, 2023

HURFOM: Since November 10, 2023, there has been a heavy armed clash between the military junta and the joint forces of the Karen National Liberation Army in the Chaung Hna Kwa area, Kyikemayaw Township, Mon State.

The armed clash has forced more than 1,000 residents from ten villages, including Chaung Hna Kwa, Mell Ta Yoe, Taung Ka Lay, Paw Law Gone, Phar Thein Kan Nar and Kyan Taw villages to flee their homes.

Most of Chuang Hna Kwa residents already fled their homes, and went to relatives in Mudon. But some villagers are stuck in the village,” said a local villager.

Most villagers had to take shelter at nearby monasteries. The Burmese soldiers have surrounded the villages and established blockades preventing food to be sent to them.

All the villagers in Paw Law Gone are stuck in the village. The military hasn’t allowed them to flee. We can’t send food to them. We have to request permission from the military before sending food to them. It takes at least a day to get permission,” said a local villager.

About 35 schools from nearby villages have temporarily closed due to the armed clash.

On November 12, the military junta recklessly launched an air assault that killed two young girls and damaged four houses.


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