Junta arrests, extorts and tortures plantation workers in Ye

September 19, 2023

HURFOM: The military junta has arrested local plantation workers and used them as a human shield in Ye Township, Mon State. Only villagers who can pay an extortion fee are being released.

Since the first week of September, 2023, at least 10 plantation workers have been arrested and the junta threatens each villager to pay them from one to four million MMK for their release.

The villagers who could pay the money were released. Those who could not pay the money were tortured,” said a local villager.

Villagers recently released suffered from trauma and had to receive medical treatment.

I don’t know how much the military tortured them. He’s become abnormal since being home. He doesn’t sleep but takes a walk at night. He has to receive medical treatment and his family has to spend another one million MMK,” said a source who is close to a victim’s family.


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