One woman killed and four others injured by artillery attacks in Thane Za Yet

June 21, 2023

HURFOM: Indiscriminate artillery attacks by the military junta on June 16, 2023, killed a woman was and four others including a child were injured in Ward #1, Thane Za Yet Town, Kyike Hto Township, Mon State.

There was no armed clash at that time yet the 310th Artillery Battalion and members of the Thane Za Yet Police Station launched artillery attacks targeting  Thane Za Ye and nearby surrounding villages.

Artillery shells exploded on two houses in 8th Yaw Lay Kwet Thit Street, Ward #1.

The military has launched artillery attacks nearly every night. The victim’s family has to suffer as they’re not okay to move out. Everyone has to live in fear,” said a Thane Za Yet resident.

The deceased was 38-year-old Daw Aye Aye Nwe. Her five-year-old daughter and three other civilians were injured in the attack.

According to Thaton District Karen National Union, in May of this year, three civilians were killed and another fifteen were injured by the junta’s artillery attacks.


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