Junta arrests and tortures villagers in Long Lone Township

June 21, 2023

HURFOM: On the morning of June 13, local villagers witnessed more than 40 junta troops raid and capture four men and two women from Thabyar village in Long Lone Township, Dawei District.  Residents reported those arrested were violently  tortured. 

Initially, junta troops and police entered the village on foot. Later, they came near the entrance sign of the village with three Army lorries and a civilian car, and sealed the road for inspection. After that, around 10:00 am, they entered a restaurant near the place of inspection and arrested 4 men and 2 women, including the shopkeeper. There was no reason given as to why they were arrested like this,” a 40-year-old local man recounted what he witnessed.

The junta troops have been capturing civilians to use in their militia groups, as well as extorting civilians to finance their supporters.  

After the Junta revived the Arms Acts they began to allow individuals who are  pro-military/loyal to the State Administrative Council (SAC), to carry weapons.   The Junta military then gives them weapons to be used in many places to bully people. If weapons fall into the hands of such villains, there is a possibility of seeing more improprieties and crimes committed. We are living under very worrying conditions,” said a grocery store owner in Long Lone Township.

Armed forces backed by the junta military continue to arrest, demand ransoms and commit crimes, making life difficult for local people.

The junta forces have been inspecting and re-inspecting  places in Long Lone Township, and they are conducting daily checks in front of Long Lone Police Station and Nyaung Pin Road intersections.

On June 7th and 8th, the junta forces arrested at least 9 residents of Long Lone. Some who could pay 5 to 10 lakhs were released,” a resident recalled. 3 residents corroborated they were released with the ransom payment.

Long Lone Police Station is now  overcrowded after at least  100 local people  were arrested between May and the second week of June. From June 9 to 12th, emergency ambulances were used to transport some of those arrested at Long Lone Police Station to Dawei Prison.


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