Mon National Schools in Ye Township facing shortage of schoolteachers

May 25, 2023

HURFOM: In the 2023-24 academic year, the Mon National Schools in Ye Township, Mon State are experiencing a shortage of schoolteachers. According to local sources, this will create  challenges in the classrooms.

I’ve heard that about 30 Mon schoolteachers in Ye Township resigned from their duties. Some teachers will go to Thailand for work and some decided to stop teaching because the salary is very low,” said a Mon schoolteacher.

The Mon National Education Committee (MNEC) supports each school teacher with a salary of 950,000 Kyat and 15 liters of rice. In some villages where there are external donors, that provide a small amount of extra monetary support.

Graduates never apply for a Mon school teacher position as the salary is very low. So we have to appoint students who have passed matriculation exams, and university students to serve as Mon school teachers,” said a headmistress of a Mon National School.

The shortage has produced difficulties to the educational sector and creates extra burden for the in-service teachers.

Most schools don’t have enough teachers. They have to manage with what they have. A Mon National School has four grades but there are only two teachers. One teacher has to teach two grades,” said a schoolteacher from Northern Ye Township.

The MNEC invites students who just passed the matriculation exam, and who already finished “Post Ten ” (a course provided by the MNEC after the matriculation exam), as well as distance-university students to apply for the position of  Mon National school teachers.

Despite this invitation, no one will apply. They can’t work as a teacher as the salary is very low,” said a schoolteacher.

According to 2020 statistics, the MNEC has more than 140 Mon National Schools and approximately 700 school teachers.

I’m interested in teaching but the salary is very low and it isn’t enough even for  me. I’ve a family so I’ve decided to resign from my work and plan to go to Thailand for work,” said a Mon school teacher.


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