Soldiers collect drivers’ personal information in order to  commandeer their trucks

May 23, 2023

HURFOM: Burmese soldiers based at check-points at the entrance and exit of Ka Lane Ong Town, Yebyu Township, Tenasserim Division are forcefully collecting the phone numbers and addresses of truck drivers.

Drivers have told HURFOM staff that this unusual behavior is making them live in fear and worry.

A truck driver said, “During the collection of my phone number and my address, the soldiers threatened me that I have to report to them immediately when they phone us. If not, I’ll be arrested.

As of today, about ten truck drivers had to provide their personal contact information to the military.

The soldiers said we have to send our truck to them when they phone us. We will only get back our vehicle when their mission is completed. It means they are commandeering our trucks for military purposes,” said another driver.

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When launching military operations, the Burmese soldiers do not use military trucks instead they are commandeering civilian’s trucks and using them in their military operations. 

We do not get paid for letting them use our trucks. If we are attacked on the way, our lives are in danger,” said a driver from Yebyu Township.


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