An 18-year-old killed in TPP

March 16, 2023

HURFOM: At about 8 am on March 12, 2023, a young woman, aged 18,  who lived in Kyan Taw village near Three Pagoda Pass (TPP) Town, Kyarinnseikyi Township, Karen State was killed, according to the local sources.

She was killed on her way to TPP to buy goods when her motorbike was also stolen.

The perpetrator was arrested in Kyarinnseikyi Town on March 14.

She was killed on Sunday morning. Her body was found on Monday. It looked like she was beaten about the head with a brick. The perpetrator had scratches on his face. It looked like she was struggling for survival,said a villager from Kyan Taw village.

The woman was a divorcee and a mother of a child. The source said the perpetrator fell in love with her, before she was married.

I don’t know if she was raped or not. But the perpetrator refused to admit that he killed her,said the villager.


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