Armed Mon splinter group abuses villagers

March 8, 2023

HURFOM: The Mon Peace and Defense Front (MPDF)  is an armed  splinter group that divided from the New Mon State Party (NMSP) and is led by Nai Shaung. The group, which is  based near Taung Pyin village, in Ye Township, surrendered to the Burmese military and later transformed into a local militia group.

Armed clashes in Ye Township escalated after the 2021 coup.   In February of this year the military ordered the group to provide security in the Phar Lane region of west Ye Township. 

Upon the arrival of MPDF, villagers have endured disrespect from MPDF forces including slapping and beatings.

Members of the religious communities and villagers alike want  MPDF forces  to move out from the area.

At 6 pm, they started slapping young villagers who went outside. Many young villagers have suffered physical abuses from them. They have not been in the  area for very long but everyone hates them now. We want to expel them from the village but we can’t as they operate under the Burmese military, said a villager from Phar Lane region.

In addition, many motorbikes have been stolen, and villagers are being made to feel insecure. The 6pm to 6am curfew has also made life difficult.

There have been about 10 motorbikes that have been stolen. This happens often. No one has caught the thief(s). Villagers suspect  that members of MPDF  are responsible for the thefts ,said a villager.


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