Military sponsored group kills villagers and destroyed house in Yebyu

June 24, 2022

HURFOM: On June 15, 2022, a military sponsored group known as “the Black Kite Brotherhood” killed two villagers and destroyed a house in A Ka Ni village, Yebyu Township, in Tenasserim Division.

The group arrested Ko Myo Ko and Ko Yan Pine Soe of A Ka Ni village and killed them near the bridge of Watt Chaung village. Then, they abandoned their bodies near the bridge and scattered their group’s logos around the scene, reported  a local resident.

The group had invaded a house owned by a National League for Democracy (NLD) party supporter in order to arrest him.  Because their target was not at home, they instead detonated a bomb in the house.

On that day, the whole village was noisy with the sounds of gun shoots and a bomb blast. (The black kite group) came to arrest the NLD supporter but they didn’t find him and bombed out his house. Then, they tied the daughter (of the NLD supporter) inside the house and left the village,said a villager.

The two young men who were killed by the group were not supporters of any  political parties, They were just ordinary villagers who made their livelihoods peacefully.

In a similar violent incident, a 50-year-old man from Ka Nyin Inn village, from the Wun Ford village track, Yebyu Township was killed at his home by an unknown group on June 16.

Since  the coup, the military has frequently killed innocent civilians in the Tenasserim Division. Other armed and violent groups like the Pyu Saw Htee and Black Kite Brotherhood are believed to be sponsored by the junta, and they have targeted family members of the NLD supporters and the People Defense Force (PDF).


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