Ye residents want private companies to reduce rising electricity fees

November 14, 2021

HURFOM: Starting in October, 2021, privately owned/operated electricity companies in Ye Township, Mon State decided to increase their user fee rates.

Local people who have been suffering from the economic and societal consequences of COVID-19 and the military coup want these companies to withdraw that decision.

Before October, Ye residents had to pay 550 Kyat per kWh plus an additional fee  for street lights. Under the new pricing structure, each household has to pay 800 Kyat per kWh and the street lights fee has doubled.

We were informed in September that the electricity fee would be increased. But we didn’t think the fee for street lights would also increase. Collecting 4,000 Kyat per month for street lights is unacceptable. We’ll find a win-win solution for both the companies and the locals through discussion with the companies, said a local social worker.

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The residents are disappointed with the fee increases and because the companies never repair broken street light poles. 

The street light in front of my house hasn’t been working for years but I still have to pay a monthly fee. The new rate isn’t okay for me. Every household has to pay for the street light but not every street light pole is working, said a local woman from Northern Ye Township.

Myat Thura Company did not increase their fees for street lights but they did increase their individual resident user fee rates, like all the other private companies.

As soon as we were informed that the electricity fee would increase I began to  limited my usage. I use electricity only when it’s necessary. Despite these efforts, I have to pay more than 10,000 Kyat per month. Everyone is complaining about their  electricity bills now. With the national situation being unstable, I can’t go abroad for work and I have no income. … Life now, is full of troubles,said a local woman.

The companies argue they had to increase their fees because  the price of petrol increased. Local people believe that the unstable political situation is the reason for fee increases.

Our township is the only one that  has to pay for street lights in Burma. If they collect 4,000 Kyat per household, they’ll make 4 millions Kyat per month for 1,000 households. They should have sympathy for the people,” said a local customer.


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