Another CEC members prepares resignation as MUP continues to cooperate with the military council

June 13, 2021

HURFOM: The Mon Unity Party (MUP) is planning to extend its cooperation with the military council despite having no idea what benefits might accompany their cooperation.

As a result another central executive committee (CEC) member has indicated their resignation is pending.

“I’m about to resign because the party has no concrete plan about cooperating with the military council. To cooperate, you must have a plan to get some benefits from the cooperation. Now, the party has no plan,  so cooperation is meaningless. That’s why I’m thinking about resigning from the party,” said a CEC member of the MUP.

The MUP has yet to release their road map regarding cooperation with the military council.

The CEC meeting of the MUP decided to join the military council on February 6.  That decision was confirmed by the central executive on March 16.  As a result 19 CEC members, 15 EC members and about 50 Township-level members resigned from the party.

Many of the members who resigned formed a “Mon Affairs Union” to work independently to advance the interests of the Mon people.

The decision to join the military council has provoked a great deal of criticism from the Mon people. 

A CEC member of the MUP who earlier resigned from the party said, “The party just decided to cooperate with the military but they have no plan. They haven’t decided how far they would go with the military and they have not analyzed the outcome of their cooperation. Their decision was unacceptable so I decided to resign.”

Other MUP members who remain sitting on the military council include Dr Banyar Aung Moe.   He has said that his cooperation with the military was to form a “cooperative government” and to advance Mon affairs as much as he could.


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