SPDC Creates USDA as a Main Political Party in 2010 Elections

October 22, 2008

The Burmese military government continues to ignore calls — domestic and international — urging it to enter into political dialogue with opposition groups. Although many in the international community have condemned the SPDC’s “7 Point Road Map” to democracy, the regime plans to carry out stage #5: elections in 2010. In stage #4, a sham referendum approved a new Constitution, drafted without real input from any but the allies of the regime. 

The Constitution guarantees the SPDC 25% of seats in the parliament and important positions in government. The SPDC will also morph its civilian thug group, the USDA, into a political party. The 2010 election will assuredly be undemocratic, and the USDA is guaranteed to “win” a significant portion of seats.

Now, the SPDC is appointing admired persons and their supporters in important USDA positions like USDA Chairman or General Secretary at village, township or state/division levels. They expect the admired persons — university or college teachers, school principles and public servants — to garner the USDA respect and support from the people.

If the SPDC plan succeeds, it will remain in power. The USDA may officially become a party and hold government seats after the 2010 elections, but it will be clear who is in control: the same army officers in the parliament still control them behind the scenes.


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