Administrative delay prevents textbooks from reaching Mon National Schools

August 14, 2015

Two months into the new school year, students in Mon National Schools have been left waiting for new textbooks due to administrative delays. UNICEF, who are to provide the textbooks, say that the books cannot be printed until permission is received from the Mon State government.

The new primary school textbooks, fully funded by UNICEF, contain amendments from books used during the previous school year. While the current school year began two months ago, students in Mon National Schools have yet to see any sign of the updated textbooks. Reportedly, teachers have continued to use old books as they wait for new materials to arrive.

Mi Seik Pon, chairperson of the Thanbyuzayat Township Teachers’ Association, explained, “We are still waiting for the textbooks to be printed and we are wondering why the printing has taken so long […]  As the Mon State government has not signed [to give their approval], UNICEF cannot print the textbooks”.

According to Mi Seik Pon, UNICEF policy dictates that textbook printing can only begin once UNICEF has received official government permission.

She continued, “We are not sure why the Mon State government has not signed [their approval], but we assume that it is because they haven’t got permission yet from the central government”.

While concerns remain, it is expected that the delays will be resolved and the textbooks will soon go to print.

Last year, Mon National School textbooks were provided by the Shalom (Nyein) Foundation. With the Shalom Foundation unable to continue provision, UNICEF has stepped in to fill resource gaps.



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