Soldiers suspected in robberies and murder in Yebyu Township

October 15, 2010

WCRP and HURFOM: Burmese soldiers are suspected of a recent series of attacks and robberies in early October in Yebyu Township, according to sources close to witness who survived the attacks.

On October 9th the house of Mi Myit was robbed in Kyaukadin village. Her nephew, who lives near by, was beaten during the robbery, by the intruders who, local resents claim, were soldiers from near by Light Infantry Battalion No. 103.

“When Mi Myit shouted out loud for help, Nai Mon Htaw, her nephew, came to help her because their houses are closed together,” described one witness. “After that the solider shot at him and he laid down on the ground. When they found him the soldiers grabbed his neck and beat his head.”

Though wearing plane clothes during the robbery, villagers are certain the intrusion was the work of soldiers. Soldiers from the State peace and Development Council (SPDC) based themselves in the local monastery in Kyaukadin village. According to a source close to several monks, soldiers have been asking monks about the villagers’ situations – which house is getting the most income, which has sons or daughters working in Thailand, and which house has no men.

A similar attack occurred on October 1st in which an elderly woman Mi Kyi, was murdered and was robbed of 8,500 kyat, a pair of earrings, and two diamond bracelets.  On the 1st, close to mid-night, the intruder climbed up into the house and assaulted 68 years old Mi Kyi; Her 13 year old granddaughter, Mi Aye, ran into the darkness and escaped the attack.

According to a source close to Mi Aye, the granddaughter of Mi Kyi, she described the attack saying, “Only one of them [intruders] climbed up into our house around mid-night. But I don’t know how many people are waiting underneath of our house. He held a knife in his hand. When my grandmother recognized the robber would attack us she command me to run. But I didn’t know where I should run because it’s dark. I ran into the dark and got myself into a basket. After that I heard the robber saying something to grandmother. But I don’t understand what he was saying. He spoke Burmese. After the robber left, I came out from hiding. My grandmother was lying on the floor… After that I shouted to the neighbor for help…When the neighbor arrived they tested my grandmother and they said she is dead.”

One Kyaukadin villager described, “When we arrived there she was already dead, and we saw only a small wounded in her hand by a knife.”

Mi Gyi was divorced from her husband, so had called her grand daughter to stay in her house. The rest of her daughters and sons are working in Thailand.

On October 12, 2010, the tactical commander that is based in Alaesakhan village came to Kyaukadin village and promised that the battalion would care for Nai Mon Htaw’s injuries. Also the commander ordered to the village chairman to announce that Mi Gyi was died by heart attack.

A local resent later noted that the three suspected soldiers who robbed the villagers property have been moved to the other location, but there has been no update on the case or where the three were moved to.


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