Displaced villagers from airport project face accommodation hardships

June 20, 2024

HURFOM: The military junta informed villagers who were in the project area of the new airport near Kaw Pa Ran village, Mudon Township, Mon State to move out by May 2, 2024 at the latest or they would be removed forcefully. Villagers have demolished their houses and transferred their belongings even in the rainy season.

However, land plots provided by the junta as a part of compensation package have been flooded adding to villagers’ accommodation hardship.

It isn’t okay to build a house in the rainy season. Some villagers have demolished their houses and moved to their parents’ or relatives’ houses. A few villagers have built a hut on the land plot for a temporary stay. There are four families living in the hurt. But the lands provided by the junta usually flood in the rainy season so they won’t be okay later,” said a resident from Kyike Ywelve village, Mudon Township.

Although the junta rushed to remove houses within two months, construction work related to the project has still not started.

Due to the new airport project, 13 houses from Kyike Ywelve village, three houses from Nyaung Gone village and many acres of rubber plantation and farmland have been confiscated.

The junta offered (40×60) ft of land for each house and compensated four million MMK for each acre of plantation or farmland.


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