Junta’s indiscriminate artillery attack forces three villages to flee homes

February 27, 2024

HURFOM: The military junta launched indiscriminate artillery attacks in Tha Yet Chaung Township, Dawei District, Tenasserim Division forcing residents from three villages to flee their homes, report local sources.

On February 20th, 2024, the People’s Defense Force attacked a military check-point near Win Wa Bridge, Tha Yet Chaung Township. The junta responded with indiscriminate artillery attacks on nearby villages on February 22nd.

The artillery attacks forced residents from Min Dat, Thane Gone and Well Yit villages to flee their homes.

There were no houses damaged but residents from Min Dat, Thane Gone and Well Yit did not stay in the village and found a shelter in Ya Ngae village,” said a local villager.

More than 30 military troops have been stationed at Win Wa village and frequently launched operations in Min Dat, Thane Gone, Well Yit, Ka Myine, Ya Ngae, Kanet Thiri and Kywe Min Gone villages.

Currently armed clashes between the military junta and the People’s Defense Force are intense in Dawei Eastern Forest area, Tenasserim Division. In January, there were 59,000 new displaced persons, according to a local organization known as FE5 Tanintharyi.


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