Armed groups extort money from motorists on Ye – Thanbyuzayat Highway Road

February 27, 2024

HURFOM: Motorists using the Ye – Thanbyuzayat Highway Road, Ye Township, Mon State have reported to HURFOM, that they have been extorted by armed groups who control part of the road.

The armed group employs “stop and checks’ between Ka Nin Ka Maw and Aung Thar Yar villages, Ye Township, Mon State in order to extort money from motorists.   Extortion has ranged from 40,000 to 100,000 MMK per vehicle.

My car is a“Hijet” and I had to pay 40,000 MMK. They extorted 10,000 per wheel. If your car has four wheels, you have to pay 40,000 MMK. 10-wheeler truck has to pay 100,000 MMK. We must pay the amount they demand. If we complain to them, they punish us with 100 squats. They’re really harsh,” said a driver who experienced the extortion.

On February 24th, 2024, the armed group stopped vehicles and caused a huge traffic jam on the highway road. They shot guns into the sky, frightening travelers.

They stopped the cars and forced the drivers to “pay tax” at their gate. There were many cars and they (the armed group) were also in a rush. I didn’t know what they’re angry about but they shot guns into the sky. We were really frightened and couldn’t decide whether to go on or to return back. Everyone in the car was frightened. Since that day, I’ve decided I won’t travel again unless I have a very important matter,” said a woman who encountered the event.

The military junta has lost control of the Ye – Thanbyuzayat Highway Road.The Karen National Liberation Army and the People’s Defense Forces are active in the area, and are usually conducting “stop and checks’ on the road.


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