Parents withdraw children from schools following enactment of conscription law

February 26, 2024

HURFOM: Currently grade promotion or matriculation exams are scheduled in the school system,  but parents are afraid of the conscription law recently enacted by the military junta,  and have withdrawn their children from schools. 

The parents can’t wait for the end of the exam period. They fear that their children will have to join the military, so they have  withdrawn them from school. Now, big schools have lost about 30 to 50 students and small schools lost about 10 to 20 students,” said a social worker from Mudon Township who helps local matriculated students.

Normally, matriculated students are in the 16-17 age range and would not be eligible for military service. But schools in Burma were closed for nearly two years due to COVID-19 outbreak. The matriculated students have already turned 18 years old which is the age range for military service according to the junta’s conscription law.

Most of the students’ parents in Mon State are working abroad and they withdrew their children from school and have brought them (via illegal routes) to live with them.

About 30 students withdrew from our school. Their parents called them and they fled toThailand,” said a social worker who works for Mon National School in Thanbyuzayat Township.

Even though the military junta said conscription law would begin after the Songkran holidays,  soldiers are already arresting young people on dubious charges, and forcing them to join the military.


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