15-year-old girl raped repeatedly by her father in Mudon Township

August 31, 2018

HURFOM: In August 2018, a 15-year-old girl from Kin Chaung village, Mudon Township, Mon State, reported being raped ten times by her 43-year-old father. The 15-year-old and her cousin reported the abuse to the village administrator on August 18th.

I have been raped by my father about 10 times during this month. Then he threatened me that if I was to tell anyone about the rape, he would kill me with a knife. I want to send him to jail.”

On August 19th, the village administrator went to arrest the perpetrator, U Hla Kyaw, and he was charged under Burma Penal Code Article #376 (punishment for rape) at the Mudon Police Station.

The girl’s mother had travelled to Paung Township, when her father began to drink and rape her repeatedly at night. Her mother reportedly went Moketama village to escape her husband, who drank and beat her every day. 

The girl’s mother is living and working in Moketama village, Paung Township and has not returned home yet. The girl is unable to attend school as her mother is unable to pay the cost to attend. She is currently staying with her cousin in the village,” said U Kyaw Myint, Kin Chaung’s village administrator.

The 15-year-old added, “My mom had been in Paung Township for about a week. I live at home with my two sisters and father. My father drinks every day and doesn’t work. One of my sisters works at our relative’s tea shop and is also studying. Currently, I and my 6-year-old sister are staying at my cousin’s home.”

A female neighbor said, “Her father is always drunk and does nothing. His wife went to stay in Paung Township because he beats and tortures his wife every day. He orders his daughter to buy alcohol for him, and if she gets home late, he beats her as well.”

After repeatedly suffering abuse at the hands of her father, the 15-year-old could no longer suffer in silence and told her cousin and a female neighbor.

Her cousin, Daw Thin Thin Yee, explained, “Once I returned from picking vegetables in the field, I saw my sister [cousin] and she told me about how her father abused her. Then, I went to the village administrator’s house and filed a report with the administrator. I also phoned her mother and told her about it, but she hasn’t come home yet. I took my sister [cousin] to stay at my home for her security.”

On August 20th, the girl was taken to Mawlamyine Hospital for a medical examination and the State Social Welfare office visited the girl the next day and is currently supporting her.

The girl’s cousin added, “She had a medical examination at the hospital. The State Social Welfare office came and helped us, and they said they would provide for us if we are interested in learning vocational work or farming. Our difficulty is that we don’t have money to use for my sister’s [legal] case as we are daily worker and we don’t have money to spend for it.”

The communities in the village feel bad on the case because it. As this is the first reported case of a father raping his own daughter, the local community has expressed feeling upset about the case.

U Win Tin, a man from the village said, “The perpetrator is in a good health even though he is drinking alcohol. As I remember, this is the first ever case of a daughter raped by her father in our village. I feel bad about what he did.”

In a similar case on July 6th 2018, a 16-year-old girl from Daminkone Kyar Tan quarter, A Sin village tract, Ye Township, Mon State, was raped by her 20-year-old cousin.



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