12-year-old domestic worker raped repeatedly in Chaungzone Township

March 29, 2018

During February 2018, a 12-year-old girl from Nee Mote village, Chaungzone, Township, Mon State, reported being raped nine times by married, 26-year-old U Soe Aung, who is the son of the young girl’s boss.

The girl lived with her aunt in Nee Mote village, Chaungzone Township. According to a neighbor, her aunt likes to drink alcohol and does not take proper care of the girl. Hearing that the aunt will allow her to go and stay at anybody’s place who will care for her, Daw Ma Grot from Ka Law village took the young girl to work in her ex-husband’s house as a maid.

Shortly after, the house owner’s son, U Soe Aung, arrived from Thailand. Daw Ma Grot left and went to live at her new husband’s house, as her son was often drunk and she was unable to control him. The young girl stayed with the perpetrator’s family,” said U Aung Tin, Nee Mote village administrator.

One day, the perpetrator asked his wife to go out and buy something he needed. He raped the girl while his wife was away. Over the following days, the perpetrator raped the girl several more times.

According to Nee Mote village middle school teacher, Daw Myint Aye, “the perpetrator threatened the girl that if she were to tell anyone about the rape, he would kill her. The girl was afraid, so she did not dare to tell others and continued to stay with the perpetrator’s family. Even though the perpetrator’s wife knew about the rape, she did not dare confront her husband or tell others as she was very afraid of her husband.”

However, on March 7th 2018, the young girl informed Daw Shine, a neighbor, about the rape when the perpetrator was not at home. Then, Daw Shine, discussed with the middle school teacher Daw Myint Aye and took her to the school to ask her about what had happened.

Teacher Daw Myint Aye added that, “at first, we did not really believe [her about] the incident, but once we saw the perpetrator come to find the girl in our quarter, we were sure that there must be something happening between the girl and the perpetrator. Then, we reported the case to the village administrator.”

On March 8th 2018, the village administrator, teacher, and the young girl went to the Chaungzone police station and filed a report.

“The perpetrator was arrested by the police from Chaungzone on the day we reported him. He provided a confession and currently, the perpetrator is being detained in Chaungzone police station and waiting to go to court, said the village administrator from Nee Mote village.

However, the perpetrator’s mother went to the victim’s aunt’s house to negotiate a settlement, giving 300,000 kyat (US $224.22) as compensation. The girl’s aunt agreed with the compensation.

We talked to the girl’s aunt once we saw the perpetrator’s mother go to the girl’s aunt’s house, saying: ‘you are not thinking of agreeing with the compensation? Don’t worry if you don’t have money to follow the girl’s case, we already have connected you with organizations that can help you,’” said teacher Daw Myint Aye.

Police charged the perpetrator under Myanmar Penal Code #376 (punishment for rape) and Penal Code #511 (punishment for attempting to commit offences) at the Chaungzone Police Station.





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