Attempted rape of an 8-year-old in Mudon Township, Mon State

March 22, 2018

On March 18th 2018, at approximately 9 am, 62-year-old U Tun Ti from Kwankabee village, attempted to rape an 8-year-old girl named Mi T— who lives in Kwankabee village, Mudon Township, Mon State. The perpetrator was arrested the following day by Kamarwat police.

Police charged the perpetrator under Myanmar Penal Code #376 (punishment for rape) and Penal Code #511 (punishment for attempting to commit offences) at the Kamarwat Police Station. The Officer U Sein Win from Kamarwat Police Station said, “we have finished our investigation and are now waiting for permission from the courts. If it is deemed we have sufficient evidence, we will send him to Mawlamyine court. Currently, the perpetrator is detained at Mawlamyine prison.”

Officer U Sein Win explained that, “on March 18th an 8-year-old girl was staying home alone while her grandmother went to Toman village for work. The perpetrator knew the girl was home alone and he went into the house. Daw Main, who lived near the house of the girl, came to the house, seeing the perpetrator taking off the young girl’s clothes and touch her chest. Daw Main shouted and the perpetrator ran away.”

Around 5 pm that evening, the girl’s grandmother reported the incident to the Kamarwat Police Station and requested that the police charge the perpetrator.

On the morning of March 19th, Officer U Sein Win and a group of officers arrested the perpetrator in a field five miles from Kwankabee village.

Reports of sexual violence against children have increased in recent years, leading many to call for tougher sentences for offenders. For more information, see HURFOM’s, Cracks in the Silence.





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